Ny skräckfilm! Unholy – ”Beware of the Experiment” och intervju!




Swedish Gore Film Society har varit i kontakt med Samuel Freeman! Mannen bakom den kommande skräckfilmen Unholy. Filmen handlar om hur en mamma försöker att avslöja ett hemligt experiment efter att ha sett hur sin dotter tar livet av sig. Detta gör att de börjar leta efter anledningen till hennes död. Dotterns sista ord var ”Beware of the experiment

Detta leter till en katt och råtta lek mellan militären som håller på med nazistisk magi/trolldom som går enda tillbaka till andra världskriget.

Hemsida: http://www.unholymovie.com
Trailer: http://www.unholymovie.com/trailerQuicktimeLarge.htm


War breeds horrors, but does it also breed supernatural evil weapons to add to the devastation? A teenage girl’s suicide leads to an investigation into another sinister side of the experiments conducted by the Nazis and the conspiracy to cover them up by the U.S. government. Nicholas Brendon (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and Adrienne Barbeau (SWAMP THING and CREEPSHOW) star in this story about the boundless evil behind the most unholy of weapons.

– Sam Freeman




Swedish Gore: What made you do Unholy? What is so special about this movie?

Sam Freeman: I think in today’s day and age there is a growing paranoia when it comes to the government. These are the people elected not only to be our voice, but to protect us as well. Not only are many of their actions being questioned, but their inactions as well. What are they hiding from us? One reason we made Unholy was to voice these fears and concerns. I also did some research on certain conspiracies which have grown steam over the years, so certain aspects of the film also touch upon supposed secrets which the powers that be have indeed hidden from us.

What makes Unholy special is its drive to be different. We didn’t want to make a horror film that reminds you of another film, or tries to be just another rip-off of a previously successful one. It may be horror, but it makes you think. You will hopefully leave the cinema wanting to put all the pieces together concerning elements that you may have missed on a first viewing. It’s a thrill ride, but at the same time it’s an unravelling mystery which invites the viewer to take part of.


Swedish Gore: What have you done previous to Unholy?

Sam Freeman: Previous to Unholy, I sold my thriller screenplay THE PEAK to Digi Audio Media. The film was produced and distributed abroad, but Unholy will be my first U.S. domestic release. I was an associate producer on Showtime’s ZOMBIE HONEYMOON as well.


Swedish Gore: What is your favorite horror movie?

Sam Freeman:My favorite horror movie would have to be Donnie Darko.


Swedish Gore: What will be your next project?

Sam Freeman: I’m now working on another thriller tentatively titled BARRIER. It takes place outside of the United States. Maybe we’ll have to take the trip down to Sweden?


Swedish Gore: Rumors say that Unholy is based on real Military documents, what is your comment on that?

Sam Freeman: I can neither confirm or deny the rumors that Unholy is based on real Military documents. Oh, what the heck! I’ll confirm it! Whether these documents be the real thing, or just a hoax, they did INDEED cross my path and were one of the inspiration for the film. If you do a search on the net, you can find the same documents I found. But do it at your own risk…


Swedish Gore: Can you tell SGFS a little about the production of Unholy? What was the worst parts? What was the best? What have you learned from this?

Sam Freeman: For me, the production of UNHOLY was a dream come true. I went through my highschool years being obsessed with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and then low and behold, we got to work with one of the stars, NICHOLAS ”Xander” BRENDON. And I don’t have the time to mention every piece of work of ADRIENNE BARBEAU’s which I was obsessed with…but let me tell you, it was a lot. So for me, I was floating on cloud 9. But for many others, it was miserably cold! That was definitely the worst part of production. We shot in New York in the dead of winter. Key word…dead. I think we even had a few cases of frost bite. But everyone was a trooper! I remember Adrienne inviting people on the set to squish into her small trailer for relief.

One of the lessons I learned is not to expect for everything to go smoothly. I know we had to cut out 4 to 5 pages of the script because of certain circumstances. Never expect to leave with everything you planned to accomplish going in. But that doesn’t mean you won’t finish with positive stuff you never could have imagined going in..


Swedish Gore: How are you going to celebrate the release of Unholy?

Sam Freeman: After our first theatrical release, we had a small after party. So I personally celebrated the release of Unholy with my unusual style of dancing! But in reality, the feeling we’ll get when we see the DVDs on the shelves will be the best celebration imaginable.


Swedish Gore: What can you tell SGFS about Unholy that no one knows 🙂

Sam Freeman: Hmmm. Nobody knows that the original title for Unholy was ”The Downington Experiment” but we changed it in order to stay out of trouble because the phrase was used in the original military documents which passed across our desks.


Swedish Gore: What is the DVD release going to contain? What kind if extrea material? Is there any real goodies out there?

Sam Freeman: The North American nationwide DVD release is September 4th 2007 by ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT. There’s going to be Director and Writer’s commentary, trailers, stills, posters…enough to hopefully keep you happy. The Director and myself attempted to make the audio commentary as entertaining and informative as possible, so I think the viewers will be happy. There’s nothing worse than a sad viewer! Unless you’re trying to make them sad. Then there’s nothing better than a sad viewer!


Swedish Gore: Is the DVD release of Unholy going to be rated or unrated?

Sam Freeman: The DVD is going to be unrated so I hope you enjoy the gore shots! But again, the film is more about the story and characters than the violence and gore. But we HAD to throw some blood in there…


Swedish Gore: What other directors do you admire and get influenced by?

Sam Freeman: In terms of writer’s influencing me, I’d have to say Richard Kelly and Charlie Kauffman.


Swedish Gore: What do you want to be remembered by?

Sam Freeman: I’d like to be remembered as someone who wrote films that made people think and at the same time opened their imaginations and their heart. I strive for creativity. I want that word to be the first thing that comes to people’s minds after viewing one of my films. Creativity.


Swedish Gore: Final question, is there something you want to say to our Swedish readers?

Sam Freeman: To the Swedish readers…I’d love to come and visit Sweden one day! I’ve heard it’s beautiful! In terms of a foreign release, we have yet to sell to the Swedish market, so if you’re interested, bug your local distributors to contact us and pick up the film so we can get the film on your shelves as well!


Screenshots från filmen Unholy


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