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Actiongirls – Soldiers Of The Dead Part #1 by swegore
8 december, 2007, 18:43
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Action Girls


Actiongirls – Soldiers of the dead part 1 verkar innehålla allt: Zombies, naket, bikers, nazipinupor, arena fighting a la Conan, bodybuilders, vapen, naket, action och muterade monster. Det är ingen slump att naket står med två ganger för tydligen är filmen baserad på en mjukporrsajt ( och regisserad av Scotty JX som också skapat sajten. Upplägget låter förfärligt men trailern lämnar definitivt möjligheten öppen för en succé.


Action Girls

Action Girls



Set in the future, gangs loot the cities with the most vile being Helman’s Death Squad. Helman runs a female slave trade and is always on the hunt for new female fighters in his Arena of Death. The winner has a chance of escaping slavery by being his queen. When Adriana Zarcova gets sick of her boyfriend Helman’s lascivious ways, she leaves his gang to start her own. Soon, she stumbles upon a government plan to create super soldiers using the undead. Zarcova uses her new knowledge to build an army of zombies to crush Helman’s female fighters. The Actiongirls are left to defeat the army of zombie soldiers all on their own.


Den 15:e December släpps släpps Actiongirls – Soldiers of the dead part 1 på DVD i USA.


Kolla på trailern här:

Mer information om filmen hittar du på deras officiella hemsida:

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Nu kommer Actiongirls på Blu-ray inom kort:


Actiongirls goes Blu-ray! Volume 4 now taking Pre-orders.

Yes finally naked boobs in High Def is here! Imagine Veronica Zemanova 1920 X 1080! Well it’s time to stop dreaming, the first of many Actiongirls titles hits Blu-ray for the first time!

”Actiongirls already turned the web on fire reaching over 1 million visits per day! Then continued to put the flamethrowers to the competition with the ongoing DVD series! Once the blaze started no one could stop the winds from traveling from Web to DVD to now Blu-ray! This is only the first of many Blu-ray titles to come!” Scotty JX

From Web to DVD to Blu-ray! Actiongirls is on FIRE! If it’s hot online wait till you see it in 1080p HD.

Be the first to see the best boobs in the world take over your HDTV on High Def! You won’t believe the clarity and beautiful imagery of Actiongirls on Blu-ray! Unbelievable! The Skin Tones, The Color the Detail will blow you away!

With Warner now going exclusive Blu-ray the war of formats look to be coming to a end…. Scotty JX

Scotty JX

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