Namn: David Alexander Hess
Födelsedatum: den 19 september 1942
Födelseort: New York City, USA

Känd för:


The most dangerous actor ever committed to celloluid, David Hess speaks!
Interview by Christer Persson




You think Brad Pitt is a badass in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS? Or wait! You thought that John Lithgow was scary in RAISING CAINE or you might even have thought that Robert De Niro was really naughty in CAPE FEAR? Let me tell you, there is a guy that are scarier, more bad-ass and more naughty than all of them tied together on a stick… his name is David Hess! And when he´ll tell you to piss you pants, you better do it right away!
Or wait? was that the characters he played? David Hess has been cast as a badass in movies since that infamous LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT got people repeat to themselves that it was only a movie. The sheer presence of Hess in movies since then sort of makes you really dislike the guy. He has played bad guys in AUTOSTOP ROSSO SANGUE, HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK and SWAMP THING. Of course, there is more to the story. Do you for instance know that he has a couple of Grammy awards at home? Did you know that he wrote the hitsong Speedy Gonzales and even wrote a tune for that guy from Memphis? ”what’s-his-name” Elvis Presley?
So, what more is there? Mr. David Hess was kind enough to answer a few questions for you to find out!



Namn: Giovanni Lombardo Radice aka John Morghen
Födelsedatum: den 23 september 1954
Födelseort: Rome, Italy

Känd för:


From psychopathic to ecclesiastic!

An interview with the former bad boy of Italian horror cinema, John Morghen! by Christer Persson




John Morghen, or Giovanni Lombardo Radice if you will, is one actor whose characters always seemed to get into a lot of trouble. Perhaps he was type casted a lot, but there wasn’t many other actors had could portray these characters in such a vivid way that John, or Johnny as he prefers to be called, did. I remember seeing that famous drill scene from CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD over and over again, looked in amazement over the giant hole he got in his stomach in CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE, cringed when his private parts was cut off in CANNIBAL FEROX, rooted for his character Ricky in HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK and enjoyed his portrayal of the homosexual Brett in STAGE FRIGHT. But Johnny has done so much more than these low budget shockers.

Because Johnny is multilingual, he has no problems to work in either Italian, French or English productions. He has proven his talents by appearing in various stage plays, drama movies and directing operas among other things. If the eighties was his way up to stardom, the last decade has been a lot more profitable for him with big budget teveseries and the remake of The Omen which has made him a star. Heeeeere’s Johnny!


Ny skräckfilm! Unholy – ”Beware of the Experiment” och intervju!




Swedish Gore Film Society har varit i kontakt med Samuel Freeman! Mannen bakom den kommande skräckfilmen Unholy. Filmen handlar om hur en mamma försöker att avslöja ett hemligt experiment efter att ha sett hur sin dotter tar livet av sig. Detta gör att de börjar leta efter anledningen till hennes död. Dotterns sista ord var ”Beware of the experiment

Detta leter till en katt och råtta lek mellan militären som håller på med nazistisk magi/trolldom som går enda tillbaka till andra världskriget.



War breeds horrors, but does it also breed supernatural evil weapons to add to the devastation? A teenage girl’s suicide leads to an investigation into another sinister side of the experiments conducted by the Nazis and the conspiracy to cover them up by the U.S. government. Nicholas Brendon (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and Adrienne Barbeau (SWAMP THING and CREEPSHOW) star in this story about the boundless evil behind the most unholy of weapons.

– Sam Freeman

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Intervju med Herschell Gordon Lewis



Namn: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Födelsedatum: 15 Juni 1926
Födelseord: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Känd för:

  • Blood Feast
  • 2000 Maniacs
  • The Gruesome Twosome
  • The Gore Gore Girls



Herschell Gordon Lewis även kallad ”The Godfather Of Gore” är förmodligen en av de viktigaste personerna när det kommer till skräckfilm. Hershell gjorde filmer som inte ens skulle bli accepterade idag, extrma våldsscener, blod och sex, ni som sett någon av Hershells filmer vet vad jag pratar om. Wicked Splatter har fått nöjet att ställa några frågor till Hershell. Hershell är känd för att ha producerat 2000 Maniacs, Blood Feast, Wizard Of Gore och även The Gore Gore Girls.

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